February 25, 2011

Jeans Review: A closer look at maternity jeans.

If you follow my blog, you probably know I have a moderate to intense obsession with jeans. 
The past 4 weeks I have been out of my regular jeans comfortably (yeah, I've tried the bella band, and you know what? I find it awkward to wear, and it's great for smoothing but it just didn't cut it for me), and it's been a mission for me to find jeans that make me feel good and look good.
Here are some jeans I've tried, and my reviews. I only kept the jeans that had a score of B+ or above. If I'm going to spend my money, I want to spend it right.
Old Navy Maternity Woven Waist Boot Leg Jeans 
Review: I thought the sizing was accurate; I was able to order my pre pregnancy size, however, I found they lost their shape and were not very flattering. The color looked washed out and made my legs look like tree trunks. These by far are the most pregnancy looking jeans.  C-
Citizens of Humanity Maternity 'Kelly' Bootcut Stretch Jeans (New Pacific Blue)

Citizens of Humanity Kelly Bootleg Maternity Jeans
These are almost true to size. I did find ordering up a size was helpful. I have gained weight all over really, my hips and butt mostly. So I knew my normal size may not work out. So when these arrived in the mail, I tried them on. Okay. Ladies, I am 5'4". The inseam on these jeans is roughly  34-35" which is quite long. Considering I'm not wearing a ton of 4" heels these days, I knew I would need to get them hemmed ahead of time, but didn't realize by that much (especially since I've been really wearing flats with my jeans!). Overall the fit was good, but I didn't love them SO much as to keep them. B-
Mama J by J Brand Maternity Low-Rise 12" Jeans in Dusk Wash
J Brand Mama J Maternity Low Rise 12"
Here's what I love about J Brand. They tell you "Recommend purchasing one size up after the second trimester," Thank you. So I did. And they're still a bit big in the belly for me (I'm carrying pretty small in the front for 22 weeks), but come another 4 more weeks, these will be solid. What I like about these jeans: They're like leggings, but jeans. Very light and will be great in April/May/June, when it's not too cold, but not too hot here in Massachusetts. They're pretty good butt jeans. What I don't like: I have to wait to wear them so they don't stretch out on me instantly after washing (read: saggy butt). Overall? Wear with flats, wedges, boots, or low heels and you'll feel prettier.  B+
Paige Premium Robertson Wide Leg
Oh, I love(d) these jeans. Why? Yes, I needed to get them hemmed, but the wide leg was really flattering, the dark wash color was perfect for the winter. The band was super comfortable. AND they were my first maternity jean purchase. I started wearing them intertwined with my normal jean rotation at about 13-14 weeks- I liked them that much. I bought these on Gilt Group during a maternity sale. They are originally  priced at about $180-200 dollars. I bought them for about $35. I didn't read the fine print. What did fine print say? "If ordering during first trimester go up 1 size, if ordering during second trimester go up 2 sizes." Well, I only ordered one size up. These fit so well from weeks 14-20. Then one day last week, I put them on. They felt more snug in the hips (these do NOT have any lycra in them). I tried to stretch them out. You know what us ladies do...lunge position stretching. And then I heard it. Teeeaaaaarrrrr. "Nooooo!!!" I gasped. Way to make a pregnant gal feel even less sexy. Damn it. Now, I may see if I can fix the tear and store them for future use one day.  Overall, if I find them on sale again, I very well may try to buy them, this time, 2 sizes up. No stretch means you REALLY need to follow the guidelines! A.
Citizens of Humanity Dita Petite Bootcut Maternity
I have about 3 pairs of Citizens non maternity jeans at home- one of which is the Dita petite. I love them. They all fit me really well- especially the petite. I thought, you know, same brand, same style, home run, right? Well, almost. The band is kind of funny. It scrunches at the top and kind of digs into you. Hmm. Not so comfortable that way!  I ordered a size up, like I did with the other Citizen jeans I tried. The fit in the legs was really accurate for me (I do not have stick legs; I have an athletic build) and they were not loose on me like in the photo above. But I know Citizen jeans and I know they stretch out after one or two wears.  The length was perfect for my height of 5'4". But I kept going back to the band. It just wasn't comfortable! Overall, I wanted to love them, but I couldn't validate spending that type of money on jeans I just sort of liked. B.
Gap Demi Panel Long and Lean 
These are some comfortable jeans. I ordered my normal size in a regular length. They fit well; a little snug in the thighs- but they do stretch a tiny bit. So if you're anything like me, if you want the look as shown above in the photo, you may want to consider ordering a size up. I kept these bad boys though since they work well with a small heel. I would love them in a darker wash though (Gap, are you listening?)! Overall, they are comfortable, good lounging around jeans, running around jeans, and the demi panel band is probably my favorite thus far. A-.
Gap Demi Panel Sexy Boot Jeans
Demi panel is awesome and very comfortable. I purchased these bad boys in my size but ankle length and they are PERFECT for flats and flip flops come spring time when I no longer want my feet to be suffocated. I want to buy more of these. In different washes. Gap, do you hear me? Overall, buy them. Try them. They are pretty kick ass. A.
Forever 21-love21 skinny maternity jeans i
Forever 21 Maternity Skinny Jeans
I've written about these ones over here, but didn't want to ignore them in this post. After a wash or two, they still fit well, but these jeans do stretch out easily after a wear. They are comfortable though, and at 13 bucks you really can't beat it. The panel is crazy comfortable. Overall, I would still give these guys a B+

H&M Maternity Straight Leg
I do not have a photo of these jeans since you can only purchase them in select H&M stores, but I will say this about them. The dark wash is a pretty cool color; except for the forced whiskering throughout the front and back. I find too much whiskering makes you look wider more than narrower. The length was a bit too long for me; I would probably need to get them hemmed 2-3 inches. The band was full panel, and had room to grow. These jeans run small. You'll want to size up; maybe even 2 sizes up depending on how you are holding your weight. Overall, I wanted to be impressed, but it fizzled. C.
I hope my reviews help other mamas to be (or future mamas to be!) on what has worked for me. Hopefully it will save you some time & money!

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