February 17, 2011

Stacy and Clint's Wardrobe Staple List

Everyone should have some staples in their wardrobe. Stacy and Clint from "What Not To Wear" have a wardrobe staple list, and I figured I would share it with you, along with what's in my wardrobe, and what I need. Not surprisingly to me, I have a lot of these items (plus some). I challenge you to give yourself this test and see what you have and what you need. You'd be surprised what's in your closet!

  • A black pantsuit- For me, this is a partial check. I have a black pinstripe pants and dress suit (3 pieces).

  • A softer neutral suit with pants or skirt (gray, brown, khaki, or navy)- Check.

  • 3 pairs of neutral trousers- Check 

  • 3 winter-weight skirts (1 should be tweed)- Check

  • 3 summer-weight skirts (1 should be tweed)- Check- minus the tweed.

  • 3 cotton button-front shirts- Check

  • 3 blouses- Check

  • 2 sparkly tops- Check.

  • Leather jacket- Check. I have a longer jacket and a shorter, more fun jacket.

  • Denim jacket- Check.

  • Trench coat- Need! This has been on my list for a LONG time.

  • 3 pairs of jeans (all hemmed to different lengths for flats, heels, and sandals)- Check. Although...my pre pregnancy jean count is probably somewhere upwards of 9-10....)

  • Black dress- Check. Cocktail length, a little longer length, and a simple black dress

  • Solid-color dress- Check. 

  • Print or embellished dress- Check again!

  • 6 sweaters (3 neutral, 3 color, and vary necklines, crew, v-neck, and cardigan)- Check.

  • 3 blazers (1 summer weight, 1 three-season weight, 1 winter weight)- Check.

  • ¾ length wool coat- Check!

  • Watch with 2 bands (leather and link)- This is something I never wear. I just never wear watches. Perhaps I should consider...

  • Black bag- I have my Chanel vintage, but as to a solid black...Need.

  • Brown bag- Check. I have my Louis tote, and some others.

  • Color or print bag- Check. 

  • Black heels- Check.

  • Brown heels- Check.

  • Color or print or embellished heels- Check!

  • Black boots- Check. I recommend 2 at different heel heights.

  • Brown boots- Check. I recommend 2 at different heel heights.

  • Black flats- Check.

  • I am thrilled I only need a few more staple items to complete my wardrobe essentials according to Stacy and Clint. I do think this maybe is missing a few other items; like some stylish sandals, neutral flats, clutches, etc. But it's a great list to start from. Will I complete this list during my pregnancy? Probably not, but I do have a good amount of staples for this time period in my life also. Perhaps I will post that next!

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