June 29, 2011

Oh, Baby!

Baby Fashionista has arrived! Sugar and spice and everything nice that's what little girls are made of!

Since Baby Fashionista's arrival 12 days ago, life has been pretty busy to say the least!
A few things to mention:

  • Our home is a revolving door of family and friends (in which Mr. Fashionista and I have realized, people are no longer visiting us, they are visiting Baby Fashionista!)
  • Sleep is a treasured commodity
  • I can't wait to be able to fit into my old clothes (but, hooray, 12 days later and a bunch of my pre pregnancy dresses fit, just in time for summer)
  • I have a Baby Fashionista I can shop for now!
So all of this being said, this post is going to focus on something I've always wanted since finding out I was pregnant (you know, besides a little one).
I had to have a baby bag I loved. And I love Kate Spade baby bags. They are typically structured, look like a regular tote, and receive really great reviews. I also wanted something that I could use as my purse, as well, rather than toting around 2 bags. The price tag however? That I didn't like so much. There's always the outlet (but honestly, sometimes the prices are still kind of high for the baby bags) or waiting for the Kate Spade online sample sale, but I couldn't wait for either of those.

Last night I ventured online to Piperlime. Why? First and foremost, I know they carry Kate Spade diaper bags. Second, I have a Gap/ON credit card, and receive those reward certificates. I had about $50 in rewards saved up from months and months ago that were due to expire in August and September. Third, I got an email that the Lime Tag sale was going on. Last but not least, the code "Tuesdays" can be used on, yes, you guessed it- Tuesdays, when you used your BR/ON/Gap card for an extra 10% off. 

Now Piperlime does not carry the Maryann diaper bag pictured on the left above (MSRP $495), and if they did, and if it were on sale, I may have gotten that one. However, originally priced at $345, the Kennywood Coal Small Diaper Bag  on the right was on sale for $240. Yes, still expensive. But then less the 10%, I saved $24 off the bat. So now we're down to $216. Less $50 in rewards. Now we're down to $166 (which is more than 50% off). Sure, it's still pricey, but this is one thing I wanted to splurge for myself. Consider it my present to myself after one failed induction, a do over induction, and being in the hospital for 5 days total for a normal delivery of Baby Fashionista! I think I deserved it. I will say, Mr. Fashionista had a say in this. I almost got the cute pink and cream diaper bag- but he convinced me to get something more seasonable. And I quote, "In the winter time, can you wear a pink and cream bag?" Looks like someone was listening to my rants and raves in the past. So, here I am with a classic polka dot that will match almost anything (Mayhaps a brown diaper bag is in my future also?).

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  1. I love that Mr. F was the voice of fashion reason for you. Good listening skills!