May 15, 2011

Maxi Dresses Galore

At 33 (ish) weeks pregnant, I am kind of done wearing pants.
Honestly, it's not that it's super difficult to get them on (it is), it's not that I don't want to purchase another pair in a larger (sigh) size...although both of these reasons definitely impact my opinion of being "done" with wearing pants, it's more the fact it is spring, and as I continue to get larger, I want to feel pretty.

So, I decided my new bff (best friend forever...and ever) are Maxi Dresses.
Point in case: When I wear jeans and a blouse, I feel schlumpy. When I wear a maxi dress and accessorize accordingly, I receive compliments galore. Every. Single. Person. In. The. World. should compliment a pregnant lady. I don't care if you mean it or not. You own a store? I guarantee you that pregnant chicky will buy something from you. You pass her on the street? You made her day. You work with her? She'll do something nice for you or help you a bit more than she may have before. I'm not even kidding. Anyways, I digress, after all, this is about my favorite piece of clothing, not how to treat pregnant ladies 101.

The thing I love about Maxi Dresses is if they're cut appropriately, you do not need to spend the extra money on "maternity" maxi dresses. However, if you find a crazy good deal on a maternity maxi dress, sure, go for it (I did,  as you will see below), but I'm telling you, you don't have to. Just buy a size or two (or three) up, make sure the cut is empire or flowy enough to flatter your new curves.

Not to mention, you'll likely be wearing some "maternity" wear after you deliver for a bit, so you may as well feel pretty as you are spending time with and learning about your new little one.

Here are some of my top picks for you to consider.
For a maternity score, I present to you this black bandeau maxi dress. I bought this from Asos Maternity ( on sale for $16.14. Yes. sixteen dollars. And you know what? I have gotten MORE compliments wearing this 16 dollar bargain than when I spent $80 on a maternity dress that I likely will try to consign.

This next number is from Accidentally in Love sold on This is not a maternity dress, however, I am wearing it and it is the most comfortable thing, ever. I pair it with a cream cardigan, my gold tory burch flip flops, and a long chain necklace. This one I purchased for about $35. I quote from store owner yesterday "Oh.My.God. You are so adorable I cannot even stand it." Yes. I bought something from her store. Two somethings (see below).
Glam Strapless Feather...
Bessie Blue in Belmont, MA is a cute boutique store that sells everything from designer duds to fun accessories. I originally went in there to purchase a birthday gift for my sister (done) and then came across this GLAM dress (but in black). When I tried it on, I knew it would work for the next few weeks, and well beyond. About $60.
Lastly, I present you the TART infinity dress. I purchased it in the dune color featured above. Thanks to Ideeli, I was able to score this normally +$200 for under $50. If you're not familiar, this dress can be worn multiple ways (; so it's like 8 different dresses in one. And it can be worn while pregnant. And beyond!